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Recruitment Tips

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Top tips for a successful application

  • Read the details thoroughly and pay attention to any specific instructions. 

  • Tailor your answers so that they relate to what you have discovered about the job and the kind of person the employer is looking for.

  • View the criteria / questions from the employer’s perspective. Why are they asking such questions and what do they want to find out about you?

  • Use positive and specific words to describe your knowledge, skills and experience and other competencies; avoid clichés and vague language.

  • Make your answers and/or personal statement is persuasive. Construct a rationale for your application and show how you would fulfill the criteria that the recruiting manager is looking for.

  • Always support your answers with evidence. You can draw examples from your time at university, full time or part time work, internship, work experience and volunteering experience

  • Use different examples for different questions/criteria.

  • Check for spelling and grammatical mistakes

  • Stick to word limits

  • Always keep a copy of your form so that you can refer to it later

  • Keep an eye on the closing date – preferably, do not leave submitting your application to the last minute

  • Make sure you are happy with the whole form before pressing the ‘submit’ button

Submitting your application

Read through your application and check that all information is accurate before submitting it. It’s useful to retain a copy of your application. 

Please attach a personal statement to your application ensuring that you address the essential criteria contained in the person specification of the job description, giving examples.